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"I created My Heartitude to inspire life longevity through movement and challenge people to develop a new attitude toward heart health."

Susan Cooper

To join the effort to jump start (respark, rewire, restart, revive) awareness, significantly reduce, and eventually eradicate preventable Heart Diseases and Strokes due to immobility by inspiring people to DANCE/MOVE/WALK at ANY age.

Inspire all ages, especially my over 50 foxes, to toughen their attitude toward their heart health and challenge themselves to MOVE, dance, and/or exercise, with their doctors approval, everyday for 30 minutes and eat a more balanced diet. Longevity through diet and movement can decrease stress, anxiety, depression, improve heart health, brain function, weight management, protect against chronic diseases, lower high blood pressure, and improve quality of sleep which is imperative for body rejuvenation!    Read more >>


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Date: October 2022


I challenged my 58 and a half year old self to learn and perform Janet's amazing choreography. Why, for heart health and stroke prevention. And, so many other benefits such as... combat memory loss, feel better, sleep deeper, lose weight, eat a more plant based diet, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and most of all... perhaps inspire and motivate someone watching to start an exercise regiment too! 80% of heart diseases CAN BE prevented. Change your attitude about your heart!

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Date: September 2022

SAVE THE DATE: September 23, 2022

You don't wanna miss Suzie Coop and the Tribute to the Music & Dance of Janet Jackson coming to the Bowie Center for Performing Arts on September 23rd! Show starts at 8PM! Tickets are on sale now!

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Date: August 2022

A TRIBUTE to the MUSIC and DANCE of JANET JACKSON!" (for HEART health) Promo Video

6 YEARS I've been developing my "TRIBUTE to the MUSIC and DANCE of JANET JACKSON." 2 years of learning choreography, working with a vocal coach, and remixing but maintaining her music's integrity. 2 different AMAZING Choreographers. 2 years teaching the dance steps to 2 separate groups of dancers. Then, 2 years of pandemic shutdowns. 6 years... and, WHY? For HEART HEALTH, Stroke Prevention and to prove that YOU are never too old to accomplish the impossible! To inspire people my age... to MOVE! Hopefully, 2022 is the year of COMPLETION! I'll be sayin', "GI'ME A BEAT!", real soooooon, Dah'lings!

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1 July

Date: July 2022

Nobody Can Lower Your Risk of Stroke & Dementia Like You

Many years before you have a stroke or notice dementia, uncontrolled high blood pressure narrows your arteries, decreasing blood to your brain. If you're a Black man 28-45, take charge of your health today. Because nobody can lower your risk of stroke and dementia like you.

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Date: April 4, 2022

5 New Things to Know About Heart Health

Researchers unveil latest (and surprising) findings at annual cardiology conference - From the benefits of coffee to the dangers of noise pollution, researchers seem to be leaving no stone unturned when it comes to heart health. The American College of Cardiology hosted its annual scientific session April 2-4 in Washington, D.C., where researchers from around the globe presented their latest findings. Here are five to ponder.

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